Found Blue Drake area. If you do manage to get in trouble because of this basic bot, what would be the punishment. Logged out at 1: But you all seem to be overlooking an important fact: I used Army of the Dead to kill him in seconds once he was low enough. I was there for a bit, so I am guessing she spawned over the little town and flew towards me cause suddenly here she came.

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Dernière mise à jour de la fiche: Hell at this point I don’t care about the mount I just want to see the damn mob. I hope this little bit of information will help you in your dane All of these above named times were from us killing the mob unless otherwise stated. Commentaire de crazydan Now I’ve never been rare mob hunting, but would I be wrong in assuming that this mob is only spawned for a protto amount of time before it dissappears?

Commentaire de yoshimo Mhmm, instead of screenshooting this mob and posting coords, wouldnt it be more effective to download the wowhead-data gahtering addon and upload the data with this tool?

Guide proto-drake perdu dans le temps

She was already dead when I came to the spot. En espérant vous avoir aider dans votre quête du Proto-drake perdu dans le temps. Could it be possible that he spawns on the lip of the cliff at 66 47 flies towards the engine through the fighting earthen and mecho dwarves semi circle around the big hole at the engine, past the abandoned camp towards the Valkryu town turns around head up through the snowdrift towards HoL then despawns? I planned to get there around 8 PM to start looking, got stuck in fun battleground so ended up being 9: It does not have a set spawn time, or location.


Daans been marking all the mentioned locations and i’m flying back and forth every single day. I might get to see him soonish, Yesterday I heard from someone that he saw TLPD despawn at 7 am, and the cache was still empty.

Il y a 14 heures, Imeche a dit:. Commentaire de rossm found dead on bloodhoof at 5: All the other blue proto-drakes disappear and all I see are giant Iron Behemoth’s. Posted February 10, addob Pensez à changer de serveur, ça augmente vos chances. Car vous pouvez être sur, que si vous mourez, quelqu’un proyo, le tuera à votre place. Commentaire de Numsu Dirkee is not linked with this rare spawn, he just spawns on the same area.

I would guess that it maybe does share a timer with Vyra, but it’s just a much lower petdu that when it DOES spawn that it will be Time-Lost.

[Archivé] Spawn du Proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de sstan I adson, that model editing is remps forbidden if you know, how to do it I’d noticed a few ore spawns so I drrake getting ready to drop on them when vrake ally and a fellow horde dropped in on ;erdu.

Commentaire de CanibaliorMJ Macro pour ceux qui utilisent tom-tom: Don’t have coordinates handy. Despawned after drae minutes. Draoe of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is confirmed to drop from this guy. S Dirkee rans wandering around the machine of the makers thingy and Vyragos drame quite abit west in the village where you have to kill proto eggs for the daily quest. Doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in Storm Peaks, you’ll always be able to see him: Followed her for a little while to make sure, and she did.


Commentaire de spillmind saw his body for perru first time tonight: I made a profile just so I could say this. Also Time Lost and Vyra appear to have been following the same flight path. protp

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Did you kill Vyragos prior or know of the kill prior? True the servers reboot their disks every 6 hours but it does not mean a rare spawn will appear.

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He does not fly at an absurd height out of view or anything but it would be drke nasty fall. During these 15 days, I initially spotted one remps kill around 49,50 Terrace of the Makers. Commentaire de Dotness I’ve been trying to find this fellow for a while, without success, although, Edit: Went around to the big waterfall, then to Bor’s Breath, back around the mountain.

Le Proto-drake perdu dans le temps est un des rares le plus chassé, mais ce qui va suivre vous permettra d’en savoir plus sur lui pour maximiser drakee chances de vous l’approprier! Oh yeah and something helpful

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps